5 Quick Ways to Create Bathroom Space

Is your bathroom too small? Is it cramped for space? Is there anything you can do to at least get that room to appear larger even if the space remaining hasn’t changed? If you’re like most people today, money is tight and you can’t imagine any way to get rid of the cramped feeling whenever you’re in that room. It’s a room that you can’t hide, even if you’d like to. So what to do?

One thing that takes more elbow grease than money is to get rid of the junk on the countertop. Do you have cupboard space? Is it cramped as well? Clean it out and get rid of those partially empty bottles or cleaning supplies. Throw them away in the trash, or better yet, recycle them and with the dollars you earn, buy a new rug and a couple of new towels.

That’s a start. Are the cupboards almost empty? Surprise, you didn’t really need all that stuff. The cleaning supplies could go elsewhere. Now organize the things that you still need. If you have drawer space, great, use it. If more than one person uses the room, put their stuff together even if you have to use an old shoe box or one of those cheap plastic boxes, then store the box in that empty cupboard. Give everyone their own box and make them responsible for putting their things away.

A skylight will increase the impression of space. Instead of cutting the room in half with a shower curtain, install a glass shower door. You never want to divide a room and if you do, the room grows smaller.

Paint the room, and/or put up wallpaper. Stripes make the room look taller. Have hooks on the back of the door where everyone can hang their clothing while bathing. Install a larger mirror; pick up the new colors around the mirror with flower stencils.

Is that heavy hamper still sitting almost in the middle of the floor? Get rid of it and have smaller hampers in each bedroom closet. Teach your family members, that nothing should be left out of place when they are finished in the room. Put all of the clothing, shoes, and night clothing, in the proper hamper, hung back up, or folded neatly in a drawer for later use. Never leave anything on the floor for others to stumble over. The same goes for used towels and when hung on the rack, adjust them so they’ll dry properly.

Make housekeeping a daily objective and everyone in the family should do their part.

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