A Clean Fireplace Is A Safe Fireplace

Not all homes are built with fireplaces anymore but those homes that do contain them offer their owners not only comfort during the cold fall and winter months but add a bit of atmosphere to a home as well. Fireplaces however, like all of the things in the home, must be cared for if they are to remain in working condition. Moreover fireplaces that are cared for improperly become a hazard to the homes that they are a part of. Even during the summer months when a fireplace lies dormant, homeowners should still consider preparing it for next winter's use.

Unexpectedly many homeowners find that chimney cleaning costs are relatively low. A professional chimney cleaner can run anywhere from $100-$300 though homeowners should remember the old adage that says “you get what you pay for”. Trying to have a chimney cleaning on the cheap not only carries with it the potential for subpar work but a variety of dangers as well. A professional chimney cleaning involves an inspection to ensure that the chimney is working optimally and that it is structurally sound. Dismissing such a low-cost operation/project can lead to some very negative consequences down the line.

Chimneys left uncleaned or unchecked by professionals run the risk of causing fires and dangerous smoke inhalation. The smoke that is produced by burning wood often leaves residue inside a chimney. As time passes residue builds up and becomes a black sticky substance known as creosote. This buildup is extremely flammable and can cause chimney fires which in turn often causes a house fire. When you compare the cost of the damage caused by a home fire versus the cost of having a chimney clean and inspected routinely, the decision to have a chimney cleaned and inspected should be a no-brainer for the majority of homeowners.

Most professional chimney cleaners recommend that homeowners have their chimneys cleaned every couple of weeks when used frequently and at least once a year for those chimneys that see extremely irregular or infrequent usage. Also factoring in to these recommendations will be the type of wood that is burned and how much wood is burned. Homeowners who utilize their fireplace infrequently but burn big fires for hours and hours at a time will need to have their chimneys inspected and cleaned far more than those homeowners who burn a large number of fires each year.

While it is entirely possible for frugal homeowners to clean their chimneys themselves the job is not only arduous but dangerous as well. Furthermore professionals bring with them professional grade tools and specialized chemicals that aren't available commercially. Moreover even in scenarios where a homeowner feels comfortable cleaning their own chimney and is satisfied with her own work, they still aren't working with professional hands nor experience which can have disastrous consequences the next time a fire is lit.

Professional chimney cleaners aren't difficult to find and Internet search should yield a great number of results for any homeowner looking for one. Homeowners however should be cautious in their search for a professional chimney cleaner and take the time to make plenty of phone calls and read reviews before hiring any single contractor.

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