A Few Reasons Many Remodel Especially Their Kitchens

“Whenever we have guests, they always congregate in the kitchen. I need a new kitchen.” Or they complain their kitchen is too spread out, or their kitchen is too small, or nothing in my kitchen is in the appropriate spot. Or, “I want new appliances in my new kitchen,” and on and on it goes. Not many cooks are happy with their kitchens unless they get it remodeled to meet their own specific needs.

When someone who has the unique problem of having a kitchen that is much too large; we can solve that problem easily while keeping the functioning kitchen in mind.

A kitchen that is too small may be harder to change especially if you don’t have the options of expanding it. We design new cabinets and drawers especially for you that will take advantage of every conceivable space within the confines of your kitchen. Many conveniences can be added as well, things like rollout shelves that open up the cabinets in back. Lazy-Susans placed in corner cabinets, twist and turn to make three or more shelves easily assessable.

You can add new cabinets while at the same time you have the old cabinets refaced. You’ll save money and don’t worry that they won’t match. Only a trained contractor would be able to tell the difference.

Countertops to replace tile or other old-fashioned tops will make your kitchen look entirely new. There are many new products that are ‘easy care’ and guaranteed to last. Lighting may be another area where you can modernize your kitchen. Recessed lighting is very popular getting rid of the old fluorescent lighting. Under cabinet lights are also available. A new floor could also give your kitchen a brand new look. The choices are unending.

Just be certain the contractor you choose is licensed, bonded and insured. If not, look elsewhere. If the contractor hires independent contractors to work for him, then there should be proper paper work to make sure the independents get paid. The contractor should have a place of business instead of working out of his garage. They should also have a showroom where you can look at the many options available.

Don’t ever pay a contractor in full before he does any work, no matter who he is. They should have a printed contract with their name, address and license number printed at the top. Pay a reasonable amount down like 10 percent, then payments as each part of the job gets completed. Those amounts should be shown in the contract.

With a few choices and a responsible contractor with references, you’ll have that new kitchen by the end of the year, or before.

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