A New Laundry Room

laundry-room-image-largeWe've all been in them, those dark and clammy laundry rooms within the homes of our friends and families. Some of these laundry rooms are so damp and/or dark that it can be difficult to both see and breathe while in them. In addition to issues with climate control, many of the same laundry rooms are full of insects, spiders, and sometimes rats and mice, all of which you can hear and sometimes see while in the space.

In recent years remodeling laundry rooms has become extremely popular with homeowners in both new and older homes. Many remodel or build to get away from the aforementioned issues while others simply want a livelier room. In newer homes professional contractors usually see homeowners aiming to enlarge their laundry room area while those in older homes contact contractors for help in putting in cabinets, new appliances, and even organizing.

As laundry rooms are spaces that are used frequently, especially by those homeowners with larger families, there are several things that homeowners need to consider and keep in mind when they decide to remodel their laundry rooms.

The first and perhaps one of the most important aspects of redesigning and remodeling a laundry room is to ensure that homeowners have easy access to it. Homeowners living in older homes often cite difficult access as one of their primary reasons for remodeling their laundry rooms. Working with a contractor, homeowners will want to formulate a blueprint that will allow their new laundry room or reworked laundry room to be easily entered and in a location that is close to other rooms of importance. Many homeowners who remodel or build a new laundry room have it placed close to the kitchen or bedroom so that clean and dirty laundry can be moved to and from with relative ease.

It might seem superficial but the fact that many laundry rooms are not only dark and damp butt ugly as well. In the past homeowners really never gave much thought to livening up their laundry rooms. Given the fact that over the years people have begun to spend more time in them, it's not difficult to ascertain why homeowners now have the opposite attitude. Some homeowners who have a new laundry room built from scratch have contractors put windows into the new room while those who are simply remodeling an existing room often warm-up the room with wallpaper, bright colored paints, and other decorative items. Though homeowners generally spend only small increments of time in their laundry rooms the cumulative effect of a dark and boring laundry room can certainly take its toll on the senses.

As mentioned previously many laundry rooms are dark either due to a lack of proper interior lighting or a lack of windows. Every single room in a home requires the right lighting to not only create a specific atmosphere but to provide comfortable living and work conditions as well. In laundry rooms homeowners and their contractors should aim to install ample lighting so that laundry can be folded and matched without strain or headache. Lighting in our laundry room should also be uniform throughout the entire area.

While many homeowners are content with using some type of work bench or table to fold their laundry on, those that are having a new laundry room built or having one remodeled will seriously want to consider having some type of sorting system installed. This might include sorting bins, laundry baskets and hooks on the wall to hang clothes that require on hangers.

Ample folding space in laundry rooms is often one of the driving forces behind a laundry room remodel. Folding clothes should occur without having to pile different types of close over one another and should occur all-in-one area. A contractor can help a homeowner determine how this will work in their new laundry room.

While not everybody irons their clothes those that do benefit greatly from being able to do so directly in laundry room. This saves them the time and hassle of having to set up the iron, its board, and a storage space for clothes waiting to be ironed and those that have been ironed. Contractors and homeowners will often find ways to build some type of cubby or designated space for irons, their boards and those clothes which will be ironed. In some remodels and new laundry rooms homeowners negate the need for an ironing board altogether by having a counter top installed specifically for the purpose of ironing.

A new laundry room can make doing laundry more efficient, enjoyable, and far less of a hassle than it previously was. Homeowners that work with a contractor on this type of project stand a far greater chance of ending up with a laundry room that they're excited about and one that will give them what they need for years to come.

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