Advantages of Wood Fencing

There are several advantages in choosing wood for your fencing needs. First wood may be one of the least expensive, depending of course on the type of wood you choose. In California you will find many redwood fences that stand up well where the climate is mild.

Another advantage will be in choosing the color you want your fence painted. The colors you choose may match or contrast the color of your home, and the choice will be yours alone.

Picket wood fences can add another attractive choice when you want it to surround your garden or simply mark your property line. The picket fence can add an element of security that discourages animals or children from entering an area.

In other parts of the country where weather plays a huge part when choose fencing you will not find many wood fences. The reason for that, when the temperature varies from extreme cold and/or extreme hot, wood does not do well. Wind and rain also play a big part in destroying wood fencing long before its normal demise.

However in mild areas, wood does not need to be painted as often, and it doesn’t rot, swell or expand, crack or chip as often. There are weather resistant types of wood that last much longer without the necessary repairs or paint.

You’ll discover that pricing will depend on the size of your yard and also on the type of wood you choose. When you hire a company to install the fence, make sure they have a good reputation. A substantial company will have references. They will have a work force that know just how deep to dig the holes encased in cement that will keep your fence standing for years to come. The cross beams should be on the inside of the fence. That will make it harder for anyone trying to enter your yard uninvited. They should also treat the wood that is close to the ground to keep termites and other critters out of your area.

Wood fencing will be a good choice for many especially for those who are not afraid to do the necessary work that will keep the fence in good condition. Normally that includes occasional re-painting and repair if and when damage occurs.

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