Bathtub Faucets & Fittings

There's a lot that goes into putting both a new bathroom together and redesigning an existing one. Working with a San Diego bathroom designer will ensure that you ultimately end up with a bathroom that meets your expectations. Working with an expert while redesigning or building a new bathroom is always recommended because even if you're a very hands-on type of person a designer can help you make good choices when it comes to decorating. A good example of this is bathtub faucets and fittings. Faucets and fittings for bathtubs come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and are made from different materials. An San Diego bathroom designer can help you choose a style and material that's going to work best in your bathroom. One of the most common suggestions an San Diego bathroom designer makes is to purchase matching handles for sinks, tubs, and showers. When it comes to fittings San Diego bathroom designers often recommend that their clients purchase fittings made from brass which while costing more than plastic lasts much longer and is more durable. Additionally brass faucets are available in chrome, brass, and even powder coated enamel but those individuals who have unique tastes in decor can also find them in nickel, gold, and even oil rubbed bronze. While San Diego bathroom designers generally make recommendations based on client input the final decision will always be made by the client and their personal tastes in decor. While deciding on which fittings to buy for a new bathroom usually comes down to cost and durability, faucets are a different matter altogether. San Diego bathroom designers usually make it a priority to inform clients that some faucets, while nice to look at, can create hassles and result in high costs should they ever need to be repaired. For this reason alone many of them recommend washer-less faucets which do cost a bit more than your average faucet but also offer maximum performance and durability to offset the cost.

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