Be an Olympic Winner with Home Projects

Every year the Olympics come to town everyone realizes the hard work the contestants put into winning Olympic gold, silver or even bronze. However many are never satisfied with second or third place medals, they all want the gold.

The same is true in home improvement projects and if you want a medal for your efforts, you may have to rely on your family to acknowledge your progress. So what are the home projects that will give you the most praise? Kitchen and bathroom remodels take first place. Although those might be the most beneficial, they are also the most costly.

When you’re new in this game, the experts probably agree that your best bet is to go smaller at least at first. You can do things like buying new energy efficient kitchen appliances. The store where you buy them may also install them and haul your old ones away. That doesn’t take much ingenuity, but it does take more of your hard-earned dollars.

Since the bathroom project is smaller than the kitchen, you can start there. If you plan on enlarging it, removing walls will become necessary. That alone is a major project and may involve professional help. Don’t be discouraged though, you can still upgrade your bathroom without tearing out the entire room. You don’t want that project to take a lot of time because it is necessary to finish that job quickly.

A new sink cabinet will be something you can do if you understand plumbing. If not, then leave that to the experts. Paint is pretty easy and could be accomplished in one day if you keep at it. Bright new towels and fixtures will brighten up any room.

Electrical wiring and other plumbing in your home may need periodical changes, and there again experts may be the best procedure. . . let someone else do it if you’re willing to pay their price. Replacing old windows to the new vinyl windows will gain you that gold medal. Nothing upgrades a home faster than those new double paned windows that are easier to clean, look modern, and if you do the windows first, you’ll just have to finish the remaining upgrades in your home.

It’s a never-ending procession of projects, and when you finish the entire list, you’ll probably have to start over. However when you hire a professional to do the entire job for you, sure it will cost more, but the biggest advantage, they’ll all be finished within the shortest amount of time and you can get back to enjoying life.

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