Bedroom To Guestroom Conversions

The vast majority of homeowners spend a great deal of time in their living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Moreover these same homeowners spend a great deal of time and money remodeling these rooms. While these are certainly important rooms with any home, homeowners should give consideration to revamping other rooms within their home as well. While it might not initially be obvious homeowners can benefit greatly from doing so.

One type of room that should never be overlooked and is always primed for an upgrade or remodel are those rooms which are no longer occupied by grown children. Once grown children have moved away homeowners should immediately turn their attention towards a remodel. Remodeling/upgrading a child's bedroom once they have moved out is a great way to breathe new life into a room and utilize space more efficiently within a home.

The most popular type of conversions for an unused bedrooms is the guest room. While the children may have grown and moved away they will occasionally visit their parents and their parents may also begin entertaining guests as well on a more frequent basis. It's very convenient for guests who have been invited over to have a room to sleep in especially if these guests have traveled a great distance.

Of course remodeling an old unused bedroom can be quite a task so working with acontractor is always recommended. After reviewing a list of contractors and hiring one the first step for homeowners and the person they've hired will be to assess the room they're interested in remodeling. Many contractors and homeowners will immediately turn their attention towards that room's walls and flooring. A decade or more of use from a growing child often leads to worn carpets, scuffed flooring, dulled paint, and of course peeling wallpaper. Repainting is one of the most inexpensive steps in remodeling yet is so essential in creating a homey and pleasant atmosphere. While warm tones are generally the most inviting, homeowners should never exclude their personal tastes or desires when selecting paints. Carpets and even wood flooring can also be stripped and laid down all over again. If the carpet in a child's room is in decent shape but a little matted down a professional contractor might recommend a professional grade carpet cleaning so as to save a homeowner money on the project. Additionally worn but not unworkable wood flooring can be enhanced simply buy a adding new area rug to a room which will ultimately give a newly converted guestroom a warm touch.

One thing that many homeowners often overlook when converting their child's bedroom to guestroom is storage space. Undoubtedly many people who travel and elect to stay at somebody's home loathe living out of a suitcase. Homeowners should keep this in mind as they progress with the project and to consider providing their guests with ample storage space. This might mean reworked or expanded closet space, new shelves, or even areas along walls that allow for clothes to be hung and to give an visitor an opportunity leave out toiletries.

The last thing homeowners will need to consider during a bedroom/guestroom conversion project are the amenities. While the guests that stay at a home may be friends or family, they still want some time to themselves. In order to provide guests with maximum comfort, homeowners should include things like a television set, some sort of clock, radio, ample lighting in the way of lamps, and even a few fresh flowers or plants. These small comforts can make a stay at any home all the more enjoyable.

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