Budget Bathroom Makeovers

The bathroom is one of the most popular rooms in your home. When you have guests, it’s the one room where almost everyone will visit. The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to remodel because it is usually one of the smallest rooms in the home. Space planning is essential. In this article, you will learn how you can transform your bathroom on a budget. Paint is the obvious choice when renovating any room on a budget. Paint is cheap and can make a huge impact in the overall look of the room. Always get the semi-gloss paint for the bathroom. It repels water better than flat or eggshell paint and is much easier to paint with than high-gloss paint. Lighting is the next obvious choice for the bathroom remodel as most homes are built with the worst bathroom lighting imaginable. Not only are they usually ugly, but they don’t produce enough light for the ladies to put on makeup. You can correct both problems with one new light fixture! Bath, faucet and shower fixtures along with the new light fixture will really make that bathroom pop! Nothing says new remodel like a new fixtures in the bathroom and a shiny new showerhead. You touch them and look at it, so it is important to both senses. Refacing the cabinetry is one way to change the look of the cabinets in the bathroom, however, it is a lot of work and you must be careful not to ruin them. I remember when I remodeled my bathroom in Irvine Ca, I asked the kitchen and bath home improvement company to replace the entire unit with new cabinets in the exact color that I wanted, a new sink and a new granite countertops. Everything fit perfectly! There are times when you can do it yourself and there are times when you should call in a home improvement specialist. If all you are these few things, your bathroom will look new, however there are many more things you should do to complete the project properly. Flooring is another way to update the look. On my last bathroom remodel in San Diego Ca, I had the kitchen and bath remodeling company to install mosaic tiles on the floor and shower in a rectangle pattern that framed the bathroom. Installing new mirrors or framing the existing ones is a great idea that can really change the look of the bathroom. There are still things you can do to achieve an updated look in the bathroom and that is to change out the electrical outlets and light switches. It is purely cosmetic, unless you install dimmer switches, which is exactly what we did above the tub for the chandelier to create an unbelievable bathing experience. It doesn’t cost a lot of money and it is well worth it as it gives the bathroom the finishing touches in needs to stand out. It is all the little finishing details that complete the bathroom remodel that makes all the difference in the world. If your bathroom is very small with no window, consider going with lighter colors; dark colors make rooms appear smaller. If there is little wall space, you could install glass shelves with items like perfume, candles, and small bars of soap or even dried flowers that would add personality to the room. Just be sure that the items you choose will not be harmed by steam or moisture. A new towel rack for the hand towels and bath towels next to the sink and shower will make your guests feel welcomed. The final touches are going to be your personal items. Bright new towels or a new floor mat will add beauty and convenience that will complete the room. Clean and clutter free is the way to go to make an impact in any room! Be sure everything has a place and everything is in its place. For help with your bathroom remodel, consult a home improvement professional who specializes in bathroom repairs and remodels. If you are in San Diego Ca, start your search at our free online directory of pre-screened home improvement companies at San Diego Bathroom Remodelers.

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