Building a Deck

The type of deck you want will be the deciding factor between hiring the job out and doing the job yourself. Do you want to start with a cement deck? Or are you looking for an elevated wood decking with rails and stairs leading up to it. Do you want to have it covered, or will a simple umbrella do the job for you?

You need to answer these questions and a few more before you even begin. If you still want to do the job, write down a few measurements in order to calculate the costs. What will you use the deck for? Will it be for an area where the kids play? Will you want your barbecue there as well? Will you have a picnic table under that umbrella or will the deck be at the edge of a swimming pool? The materials you prefer should be your next quest.

Once you know what you want, then go to the local hardware store. They will have someone who can measure the costs and that may be the determining factor. They will possibly have pictures where you can choose what you like. Another option for you, will you ever want the deck enclosed? You may want the one where heavy draperies that are open and attached to the side poles or pulled together for privacy and convenience.

How will you want the deck finished? Will you want it painted to match or contrast the paint on your home? Will it be an attachment to your house and actually be an extended room? There are as many options as there are homes with backyard decks, and you the owner will be the decision maker here.

If you’re already stymied, then possibly you should call a contractor who will do all of that after he finds out what you want. He’ll map it all out for you, and may even give you several suggestions even how you can save money by going one way as opposed to another.

Check out several local contractors and ask for a price estimate. Just one of the advantages in hiring a dedicated contractor to do the job, it will be done much faster than if you’re trying to complete it by working on weekends.

Make that call today, and call more than one before you ask a contractor to come to your home. You want a reliable, honest qualified contractor who has built many decks so you can be assured that you’ve made the right choice. 

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