Choose Between Blinds and Shutters

Most people know the differences between blinds and indoor shutters. They are made from different materials and that more than anything else affects the price. Shutters cost more, are sturdier and are usually made from various types of wood that can be painted and repainted, or, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl that never need painting.

Blinds on the other hand are usually much cheaper and come in a variety of materials and colors. They are not as sturdy as the indoor shutters and will have to be changed more often. When you consider blinds for your home, you may remember the venetian blinds of the past. Similar to today’s blinds, but no longer will you see them in many homes or offices.

Interior shutters, whether wood or vinyl, are attached to a frame on the outside of the window and are hinged to the frame itself. Normally there are two shutters per window, and they swing on hinges and either open or closed. The slats themselves are wider than the blinds and you open them by moving one slat that controls all of them. You have the option of slanting, opening, or closing the slats while the shutter is in the closed position.

They attach the blinds on the top and inside of the window. An attached cord controls the blinds and easily pulls the blind up to open, or lowers it to close the entire height of the window. An attached bar twists to control the feature of opening or slanting the slats to control the amount of light coming in.

The tightly closed slats overlap on the blinds and control the light. Users or small children can damage the blinds by twisting the slats if they aren’t careful.
Many people prefer to install blinds on their windows and then install curtains or draperies to make the window look finished. However you more often than not see the shutters or blinds alone on a window.

Like we said, blinds don’t last as long as the interior shutter. Often they guarantee the shutters for life. When you choose shutters over blinds, you’ve made the decision that the shutters will remain on the windows if you sell the home. They become a permanent fixture of the entire room the moment they’re installed.

When you choose interior shutters, consider them an investment because they add value to your home. If blinds are your choice, they can be an added benefit as well, and the choice is yours.

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