Cleaning your Air Ducts can Improve your Health

Sneezing? Coughing? Headaches? Constant Dusting? Cleaning your furnace and air ducts on a regular basis can have many benefits. Dust is the main ingredient in your air ducts, which is compromised of dead human and animal skin. Dust Mites thrive on dead skin and can live for weeks. But isn’t it the actual dust mite that causes the problems, it is the dust mite excretions or “droppings” that cause the problem and over a few weeks time, those darn things could go over 2,000 times each! Then the bacteria grow on the droppings and things get worse. Not only do air ducts contain dust mites and bacteria, but they also contain pollen and other allergens. This causes allergic reactions, itching, scratching, sneezing, watery eyes and even Eczema, a chronic skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes. If you or any of your family members have any of the above problems with skin, eyes or breathing, take a few minutes to call your local heating and air professional before this stuff lands in your lungs. You can improve your life by improving the quality of your air. Fall & Spring cleaning means that most Heating & Air Companies in San Diego are out helping your neighbors live better lives. If you are a homeowner and are getting ready for fall or spring, it is time to have those air ducts cleaned. Your family will thank you for it. Moving into New Home or purchasing new carpet will immediately put more pollution in the air. Air duct cleaning can make a difference in your overall health and well being, because pollen and dust can trigger allergy symptoms, you remove airborne contaminants when you cleaning the Air Ducts in your home. These contaminants cause allergies, sneezing, coughing, migraines, headaches and more. It is believed that by reducing these Airborne contaminants from your home, will result in a more comfortable living and limit the spread of germs. That means less sick time, and a healthier life. Consider having air duct cleaning when you move into a new home or are expecting a new baby. Air Duct Cleaning is Doctor Recommended, and should be done every 3-5 years. Most People want to know how to choose an air duct cleaning company. We recommend using the online directory at to find a pre-approved Heating and Air Company in San Diego or San Diego. Then check out their websites, read their testimonials, see some photos of their work, then give them a call. You will find that choosing an air duct cleaning company in your local area will give you less stress in the long run, calling a duct cleaning company in your region can save you a headache. Looking through the storefronts for an Air Duct Cleaning is well worth your time. Air Duct Cleaning Tip Replace your Air Filter every few months. Many Homeowners forget to replace the air filters in the furnace, and this little task should be done monthly, but realistically, every couple of months will be fine. Some homeowners replace their air filter annually or bi-annually, during spring or fall cleaning, but if you really want to reduce the amount of dust and pollen in your home, replace your air filter monthly or every 3 months.

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