Concrete Countertops Are The New Craze

The conversations usually start like this:

“You’re kidding right?”

“Nope! Not kidding. Concrete countertops are the new craze.”

“But why would I want a driveway in my kitchen? Besides, I want granite! Everyone wants granite, and almost everyone I know has some type of granite countertop in their home, either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. I want granite.”

“Let me explain the advantages that you’ll have with a new concrete countertop.”

And so the conversation goes.

Although concrete is one of the oldest building material around concrete countertops are replacing granite, solid surface, and even laminate as the new material of choice. Concrete countertops look nothing like your driveway, and no one will recognize it as concrete. Only recently have contractors started working with concrete and they have created an entirely new look.

When customers realized the versatility of concrete, how it was molded, shaped, stained, and even glazed, but now they have to be convinced that is lighter than granite. They had to compare granite countertops with a concrete countertop before they were convinced that it had the same level of durability, color, and maintenance.

They still weren’t convinced. They usually come in 1½ to 2 inch thickness depending on the customer’s preferences. Color is also up to the customer, and you won’t have to go to a granite store to pick out your piece of granite that will stain, have to be resealed, and still have lines where the pieces come together. Remember granite is a natural rock and the developer has no control over the colors.

However concrete countertops are made by hand. They are sized to your specifications. They can have swirls and stamped areas of color or even have your name stamped in them.

To have a totally unique concrete countertop you’ll have to find a contractor that has created his own images into the concrete. Every single countertop will be a different and unusual project, and the customer will be the guide when they explain what they want.

Once you’ve had your concrete countertop installed, don’t stop there. They can do the same to your entryway, to a wall, your sidewalks and even your driveway. It’s an entirely new business and not every contractor that has installed a driveway will know how to go about creating a countertop. If they’re smart though, they’ll realize what is ahead and learn the process as the building industry takes off again, and it will.

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