Concrete Staining: Breathe New Life Into A Homes Concrete

For homeowners the word staining usually conjures up thoughts of expensive wood flooring. While homeowners may always think of wood flooring when they think of staining there is something else in and around their home they can have stained. The concrete in basements, street side garages, and even backyard decks and patios can be stained in order to spice up their looks and in some cases protect them for years and decades at a time.

Most homeowners are unaware of it but acid stained concrete is often found in restaurants, hotels, grocery and home improvement stores, and even hospitals. Acid staining concrete in a home is often done by homeowners who want their concrete not only protected but to look unique amongst the other houses in their neighborhood. Acid staining is often used to create mottled looks and concrete with solid coloring. Additionally stained concrete can be lightly smoothed out or incorporate a very heavily brushed look. Homeowners who really want something different however can have their contractor create concrete that's swirled and scored or even darkened or lightened so as to enhance the atmosphere of a particular room.

While many homeowners love the look of marble, they don't necessarily love the price. Stained concrete however gives homeowners the opportunity to have something in their home that looks almost indistinguishable from marble flooring and/or furniture. Homeowners can also elect to have their homes concrete stained in order to erase years of wear and tear that comes from leaking vehicles, heavy foot traffic, pets, and even garage construction. No matter how discolored concrete may have become around a home a professional contractor can give a homeowner concrete that matches the color of stains and its wear and tear.

Despite there being some very big benefits to concrete staining, homeowners should discuss with their contractor some potential drawbacks. The first and most important being the difficulty and sometimes impossibility of changing the coloring of concrete staining once it's been set. This means that homeowners must carefully choose their color and design before moving forward because once such a project is finished there is little to no going back. Homeowners must also prepare for concrete staining by moving furniture in any other important items faraway from the area where their contractor will be working.

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