Dream Kitchen Friendly Family Style

The friendly family style dream kitchen is one that’s best suited to your own needs, not your neighbor, your family, but to the person who spends the most time in the kitchen. If you want an old style kitchen that you want to look like your great grandmother’s a hundred years ago, go for it. Find a contractor who specializes in delivering the type of room you want and still have all of the modern conveniences.

Size of course enters into most remodels and is the first consideration while budget is a close second. If money is no object, or possibly you’ve been saving for years to create a kitchen where you can cook while spending time with family and/or friends.

Consider creating an Old World sense where you could use salvaged hardwoods with iron hardware to finish it off. A place where you’d have plenty of room to cook while your kids could sit at the bar and do their homework.

If your space is limited you may want to stay a bit more modern with enough cupboard space to store all your cooking needs. When everything is stored away after you’re finished with it, your counter-space actually appears larger. Clutter draws a room in and you don’t have room for anything else.

Remember the days where everyone gathered in the nice warm kitchen? The rooms were naturally huge with plenty of room for the table and chairs and possibly even a fireplace. You can recreate that same space while bringing the kitchen into the modern era.

Before you even begin, consider contacting a local contractor who either advertises or is online. Many have showrooms where you can pick and choose. Some even have appliances to go with your new kitchen if that is your choice.

Ask for two or three quotes from those locals and ask for a start date, a finish date and the amount needed for the entire job. Be sure to ask for references, and don’t just assume they were happy with the job, call them and ask to see the finished product.

Don’t pick the cheapest because they often cut corners to meet the obligation, but may suddenly come up with a change order in order to charge you more. Make sure they understand the entire job and ask questions if they don’t provide you with enough information to make a reasonable choice.

The contractor needs a place of business; you don’t want someone who works out of his garage. They should have a printed contract with their name, address, phone number, and license number on the contract.

Don’t ever pay a contractor in full before he starts the job. They are required by law to only accept $1000 or 10% of the entire job, whichever is lowest. Then make reasonable payments with the final when you are satisfied with their work.

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