Energy-efficient Remodeling

Ask a group of homeowners why they've chosen to remodel their home and nearly all of them will tell you that they've undertaken the project in order to improve the aesthetics of their home. While it's certainly important to keep the home looking great and attractive to potential buyers, it is also equally important to remodel a home with the goal being energy efficiency. Making each room in a home more energy-efficient is not only eco-friendly but it also helps homeowners save plenty of money when it comes to their energy consumption and costs. Best of all homeowners who want to do some remodeling for energy efficiency reasons can select any room within their home as all rooms can benefit greatly from such a project.

Energy efficiency in the kitchen is something that is often hard to come by. Things like outdated appliances and appliances that aren't working properly may consume additional energy just to function at semi-optimal levels. Furthermore small things in the kitchen like electrical outlets and even gas outlets and hoses might need to be replaced in order to make appliances and anything else plugged into them run more efficiently and keep them from consuming more energy than they need. It may come as surprise to many homeowners that things like kitchen floors, windows, and even cabinets and countertops can all be replaced and/or upgraded in order to improve energy efficiency. All of these things can contribute to the environment within a kitchen and as such can cause appliances to function at optimal levels and can even cause individuals to turn up the heat or down the air when it gets too hot or too cold when their kitchen. By utilizing new materials for the aforementioned items homeowners can better control their kitchens climate and make it more conducive to cooking and eating in.

Bathrooms are another great type of room to remodel when homeowner aim for energy efficiency. Things like low flow showers and even toilets go a long way in conserving water and reducing energy consumption costs but homeowners can also focus on things like windows, new faucets, and even showers or tubs to make their bathroom more eco-friendly and efficient. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the old windows in their bathrooms don't help trap heat nor do they keep cool air out. Replacing these types of windows with new more modern types will go a long way in establishing effective environmental control. Flooring is also something that homeowners can focus on when they remodel a bathroom for energy efficiency. Wood and tile floors are undeniably cool and may cause homeowners to run their heat and air at different times of the year in order to offset temperatures on the bathroom floor. Homeowners can explore putting in carpet or even rugs in order to negate the need for heating and airing bathrooms. In an energy-efficient bathroom remodel homeowners and contractors should stay focused on water conservation and environmental control.

The living room in a home is the central hub for a homeowner and his/her family. It is often filled with things like large screen television sets, surround sound systems, video game consoles, lighting fixtures, and a whole host of other things that require electricity. As such it behooves homeowners concerned with energy efficiency to remodel this room before tackling any others. Many older television sets and even stereos may be consuming far more energy than they're worth and may need to be replaced or relocated. Homeowners and contractors will sometimes employ specific types of surge protectors that regulate the flow of electricity of each device plugged into them. In addition to things that require electricity a living room can benefit from new furniture and even new flooring. Again, controlling the environment of a living room can dramatically reduce energy consumption and costs. Following along that train of thought windows and even things like window blinds and tint should be explored by homeowners and their contractor.

Whether a homeowner remodels their kitchen, bathroom, or living room first one thing is for certain. They're going to notice a marked change in energy consumption and their bill. As homeowners move throughout their home and remodel for energy efficiency they will see even bigger changes. Energy-efficient remodels are good not only for helping homeowners save money and be more environmentally conscious but they can make a home all the more attractive to potential buyers down the line as well.

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