Fire Alarm Systems For A Home

The majority of home security systems focus heavily on keeping intruders out and belongings and residents safe. As a result, many other aspects of home security often go overlooked or completely forgotten by homeowners. One such type of overlooked home security happens to be fire alarm systems. Sure homes are built with smoke detectors but most of these are your run-of-the-mill detectors that can be bought from any home improvement store. While they certainly do help save lives there are far more viable and efficient options available for homeowners concerned with having a more reliable fire alarm system in their home.

All homes are different and will require different fire alarm systems. Working with a professional contractor will help a homeowner determine what is best for their home, their safety, and their budget. Homeowners will then need to discuss with their contractor what works best for their home, a more sophisticated type of smoke detector or an actual fire alarm system.

As fire can spread expeditiously through a home, some smoke detectors may not go off until it is too late causing irreparable damage to both a home and its residents. The biggest difference between smoke detectors and a fire alarm system is the monitoring. Very similar to burglar alarms, fire alarm systems watch homes 24 hours a day seven days a week and are usually tied in with some sort of monitoring service. What this means is that the second a fire starts the firm monitoring said home will dispatch the fire department immediately to minimize damage. Smoke detectors and other budget “alarm systems” have no such benefits.

When it comes to actually purchasing a fire alarm system homeowners have a myriad of choices available to them. Sure there are those fire alarm systems that come complete with bells and whistles, features that homeowners may not even need. There are also those fire alarm systems that are both extremely effective and affordable. The more expensive fire alarm systems usually incorporate things like sprinkler systems and exit signs, things that a homeowner might not necessarily need or even want. Even extremely affordable fire alarm systems include very sensitive sensors and a 24-hour monitoring service so homeowners needn't worry about investing in a subpar product.

Fire alarm installation varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and some companies require that their systems be installed by their own employees in order to ensure that the system is installed properly and that it meets all service standards. Other companies on the other hand allow homeowners or a third-party to handle installation.

Fire alarm systems not only save lives and minimize the damage a home incurs during a fire but also dramatically drives down the cost of homeowners insurance. Most insurance firms give discounts on policies to homeowners who have such systems installed. Some insurance firms will even send policyholders money back at the end of each month simply for having a fire alarm system installed. Insurance companies can send money back to the policyholders and/or discount their policies because fire alarm systems help minimize damage, meaning insurance companies won't have to pay out as much should a fire ever occur.

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