Garage Storage Is the Key To a Better Looking Garage

Whether storage is your goal for a better looking garage, or you just want to hide the junk. Your garage is probably the biggest room in your house whether attached or detached. Many would rather have games like ping pong instead of a car parked in their garage. No matter the reason your garage could be the very best place for those large items. Traditionally garages were built to park our vehicles out of the hot sun and weather. Many fathers convert theirs into a workshop, while moms want a place to keep things because there’s no more room in the house. When you organize your garage you should be able to do both, a storage area and a workshop. There are companies that their only business is to organize your garage and/or closet space. They have prefabricated storage shelves and cabinets that get every single item off the floor and into their proper place. Even bicycles, tennis rackets, bats and gloves will have their rightful home. You don’t have to spend hundreds to have the storage units built. Sit down and draw out a pattern that you can follow, and start simple. Has your garage already got drywall on the wall and ceiling? You’re in luck, your job is already half done. Pick one wall where your storage area will be and the area should be between one and two feet wide, and as long as you want. If it is the length of the entire garage, you may want to add a top shelf for those items you don’t need every day. Then screw 2×2 struts to each wall stud. Snap a chalk line to align the tops and drill holes into the struts to avoid splitting them. If you use six foot struts, you can use the excess to build attachments. You can use ¾” plywood for the shelves, and either build or buy metal shelf brackets to hold up the shelves. Plumber’s hooks that are designed to hold pipes could be useful to hang items; they should cost less than $1.00. Buy ten foot lengths of vinyl gutter and attach a few of them on your struts. These are not expensive and you can use them to hold smaller items. Don’t stop at the shelves, cover the existing floor. You will be amazed at the different uses you will find for your garage, and you will even have room for your car. Click Here to Start Your Search for a Pre-Screened & Approved San Diego Garage Organizer

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