Gate Latches

Your gate is the essential part of any fence, and if you have a gate that never stays closed, slips out of alignment, sags, or drags along the ground, that will not only be frustrating, but it may even be dangerous. Good hardware will fix the problems and make your fence look finished and complete. Latches, handles, bolts, fence posts, will be needed for proper gate operation, and if you make sure the pieces are correctly installed your job will be easier. An experienced do-it-yourselfer or even a novice should be able to install the latch without much difficulty. There are many different types of gate latches, and the one you choose to do the job will be important. Do you want a gate that you control, and will not open for just anyone? Or your gate may be decorative and serves no other useful purpose other than it looks pretty. You may even have a chain link fence, and those latches are completely different from a latch that will be installed on a wooden gate. So know what type of gate latch you want and need, and what you want it to do. When you purchase it at the local hardware store there should be instructions on the package that will show you exactly what will be needed. Will your gate serve as a security gate? Then you may want to consider one that will allow you to keep a padlock on it. If you just want to make sure the gate stays closed because you want to keep your dog in the back yard then a simple latch that can be opened from both sides will work. There are latches that have a return spring that will swing the gate closed automatically. You don’t have to push the gate closed every time you go through it. It is convenient and it should be adjustable. If your gate closes off the area around your swimming pool, a security gate with a child resistant latch would be a necessity. Installing the hardware of a gate latch is pretty straight forward and requires only a few tools. However if you feel that the job would require more than you’re willing to tackle, then you might consider hiring a professional to install the latch for you. Regardless of the decisions you make, your gate latch will be the final part of your fence, so choose wisely and install carefully so your area will not only be enclosed, it will be secure as well. Click Here to Start Your Search for a Pre-Screened & Approved San Diego Gate Specialist

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