Giving Old Cabinetry New Life: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing looks worse in a house than an old kitchen that is in need of repair. Sometimes, all you need are new handles and/or knobs. If your kitchen cupboards are still usable, and only the surface looks really bad with the varnish and stain fading; don’t give up. There are ways to bring your kitchen back to life without remodeling.

A new coat of paint will add sparkle to your kitchen, and there are a few steps to help make the job look professional. You must prepare the surface and that doesn’t mean that the cupboards need stripping. Before you even begin, remove all of the items from your cupboards and drawers.

When you’re interested in a short-term investment in your kitchen, try lightly sanding the cabinets to even out the old stuff. Forget the inside that will wait. It’s best if you remove the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware. Painting over the hardware makes the job look unprofessional.

Repair any dents or deep scratches by filling them with special putty. You can buy that at the same store where you bought your paint. You’ll need to know what type of wood is in your kitchen. That will help the salesman at the hardware store know the type of paint that will adhere to your cabinets. Sand the putty down so it is level with the cabinet itself. Clean the cabinets thoroughly inside and out.

Picking out the paint, and choose a color that will go with the remainder of the room. Bright reds, oranges, purples or other bright colors will make your kitchen look smaller, and you’ll see the imperfections as well. When you like bright colors, you can always add accents later. If you’re planning on selling your home, overly bright colors are a definite turn off and the kitchen is the most important part of your home.

You may need an undercoat (or primer) that will prepare your cabinets for the final finish. You may only need one coat of paint, but many prefer two coats for a smoother finish. Another must – replace the knobs and hinges with new hardware. Newer type hardware will give your kitchen a fresher look, like self-closing drawers and cabinet doors.

If all of this sounds too strenuous, hire someone to do the work for you. A painter or handyman can do the job in the least amount of time. There are other ways as well. Kitchen companies reface kitchen cabinets and most give you new doors and new drawers. The results are much preferred over painting, and you’ll be amazed at the prices today. Refacing is cheaper than new, and the job gets done much faster, but hire a professional to do the job.

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