Great Rooms Are Great

Great rooms are great and many times in bygone days, the rooms were kept for company only, while the family crowded into smaller rooms. Today however, many are encouraged to put the great rooms to good use and to move the family into them where every member has his own space.

Another word for the great room is family room or possibly even a den. But great rooms have a great sound so let’s just focus on those. If there is a fireplace in the great room, it becomes greater, and there is no better place for the warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter night.

When a kitchen is at one end of the great room, it is all the more complete. A table where members of the family can sit to eat, do homework, play games, pay bills, and the room becomes a true multi-purpose room. Yet each member of the family can be doing all of those things at the same time without encroaching on others space.

To achieve that, it may be best to have the television set at one end away from the study areas where concentration is needed. As you contemplate what every member wants and desires you’ll in all probability find other uses for the room. Exercise equipment in the same room would be an encouragement for everyone in the family to take their turn; built in bookcases come in handy when students need to research information.

If there is a huge span between the ages of the family, you’ll find one member can help the younger ones, even if one is a baby or toddler. When the entire family pitches in where the objective is to share the fun times and the work, the family grows closer.

Another attraction for a great room would be a large window or patio door where the family could move outside to enjoy the warm summer nights. That would make the extension of the great room to include more family time.

To have a special night where the entire family can watch a movie or special television show, the family also laughs and cries together. The great room becomes greater, much better than when a T.V. or computer is in every bedroom and each member spends a lot of time alone. Families should grow together and there is no better place than a great room. It is much easier to have the laws for the room started early in their lives.

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