Green Natural Slate Roofing

You’ll never find a better roof than green natural slate roofing because it requires minimal processing to make it into roofing. It is also long lasting with low maintenance and is perfect when you consider going green. The green roof reflects cheaper energy bills.

When you install radiant heat barriers that are thin layers of metal insulation (tinfoil with a paper backing or Mylar sheeting), that can reduce radiant heat transfer into your attic by almost 95 percent when the heat barriers are installed to the underside of your roof. Rainwater catch systems are other ways you can save water for landscaping purposes by installing a rainwater catch system.

Those energy savings are good, but the environment stewardship is the very best of any green roofing project. Slate is a natural product and when you follow a few simple rules you take it to the next level.

Reclaimed slate when the slate has been used in older slate roofs many times can be reclaimed and reused. When you find the reclaimed slate you may also have to search for a contractor familiar with slate. When you do your roof will be at the top of roofing materials

Green natural slate roofing lasts many years beyond normal roofing, and when you find an old slate roof, take care in dismantling it and recycle it instead of sending it to the landfill. Always try to find slate locally because of the high cost in transporting it.

The only thing a slate roof needs to be installed is the slate and nails. Both are healthy as roof materials unlike petroleum based roofing materials and common roofing adhesives that can give off harmful volatile organic compounds. Those compounds drift into the air around your home and last for many months and possibly years.

Hire an experienced slate roofer because slate requires skill and experience to install and repair. A green natural slate roof can last for 100 years with little or no maintenance. Steep sloped roofs use the slate roof to its best advantage, and the air in an attic should be ventilated.

Slate roofs are not cheap, but with the correct ventilation and installation, it will last for years to come. You can’t really measure cost in dollars and cents, and when you consider the environment your green natural slate roof will add many dollars to the value of your home.

If saving our environment is important to you, and many don’t believe the cost is that essential, but what is important is that you will be doing your part to save our planet.

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