Home Accents – a Language of their Own

Home accents actually speak the language of their owner and they shout out whether they work in a room or not. They can be one item or a series of items whether furniture, a fireplace, or a simple candleholder. The home accents show the decorative quality and functionality of the item.

A home without accents is plain in the eyes of the beholder and they may not even be aware of it, but something is definitely missing. Homeowners often turn to a professional interior decorator or a skilled artisan for help in decorating their rooms. The room shows the skill of the decorator and the room feels finished and complete.

Personal pictures are often displayed in attractive frames, and they tell the story of the occupants of the home. They can hang on the wall in groups or sit singularly on a table. However in a formal setting pictures are not normally displayed, but they will add interesting accents to a guestroom or bedroom.

Antique items, especially those passed down in families, will be an attractive addition to your rooms. Old ice boxes have been used as tables and are a pleasant mix of new and used accents. Pieces of furniture have the same effect whether a chair or table that create an atmosphere of quality from the past. Search for interesting furniture or accent pieces in used furniture or antique stores.

Items such as cedar chests can add distinction to a room, and also provide the needed storage space. Other items you may not have considered are chess tables, entryway benches, ottomans, chaise lounges or an armless chair. An assortment of wood or materials either matching or contrasting fit nicely as well.

The dining room is another room in need of home accents. Matching chairs are almost a thing from the past while contrasting colors can pick up the relaxed décor of the room. You can exchange elaborate chandeliers to ceiling fans with assorted lighting fixtures. Or the reverse is true also.

Whenever you find that your rooms remain drab and unattractive even after you’ve changed the window treatments, then it may be time to call in that professional. 

Often the interior decorator will come to your home for a one-time consultation. They will give you ideas that you’ve never considered and will advise you how to use your own accents or ones they suggest.

Regardless the directions that you take as you prepare your home accents, you can always change them as time wears on, but the choice is yours.

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