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You’re rearranging your garden because that home magazine said you could do it every year, but why would you want to? When you decide what you want and you’re happy with it, you don’t have to change it. It may be easier to change some of it, but if you’re going for a complete change there are a few things you should consider so you won’t be discouraged. For instance if you aren’t happy with your flowers plant perennials that bloom, but go dormant in the winter. Pick plants that are indigenous to your area. You can add rocks, or even a hedge, and plant small because they can grow unruly, and don’t plant them too close together. While they are in the growing stage, you could plant small flowers to fill the area while your hedge is growing to maturity. Do you want to add a new path that winds through the greenery? Then you could clear the area and line the path with smaller rocks, ones that would be easier for you to move if you don’t like it. You could buy tile squares to fill in the path area, and who said the path has to be straight? You could also put your new hedge around the path. Is your front yard filled with water loving grass, grass that turns brown in the winter? Get rid of it, or at least dig up the biggest part and leave some for color. Make your front yard a place where you can work and wave at your neighbors at the same time. However don’t have so many varieties of plants that your yard looks like a weed patch. Do you have trees that provide shade in the summertime but are messy a couple of times each year? You could have them removed, but do you really want to? They’re beautiful in the spring when their flowers bloom, but are messy when those flowers fall. If you want to save your trees, have someone prune them a couple of times a year, a simple trim will make your tree healthier and more beautiful. When you have beauty in your yard that you love you don’t have to destroy it. It may require care at times so weigh all your decisions, and if you are in doubt, there are landscape architects that can give your garden style. Help them with the design of your garden, and you won’t be sorry. Click Here to Start Your Search for a Pre-Screened & Approved San Diego Landscaper

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