How to Gain Square Footage to your Lot

Gain more useable square footage on your lot by installing a retaining wall. There is no way for you to add more square footage to your lot without buying more land or without a volcano erupting and spilling hot lava into the Ocean. However, with a retaining wall, you can add useable square footage to your lot. This will not work for every home on every street, but in the last 20 years, homebuilders have been building homes closer together, on hills and in tighter corners, making the retaining wall, a perfect solution for homeowners to increase their useable lot size. In this next picture, I will show you how easy it is to install a retaining wall from a local San Diego landscaping company and add that valuable extra square footage to your lot that you were looking for. You can see how much useable space there is now and how beautiful it looks compared to the following picture. This next picture is shot one door down from the last picture. In this picture, you will see how much less useable space there is and how much better the first picture looks. If you are looking to add valuable square footage to your lot and increase the value of your home, then choose a pre-screened San Diego paver or landscaping company. To learn more about a qualified pre-screened landscape company in San Diego, Please visit our website at:

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