How to Save Water & Lower Your Utility bill in San Diego

As a homeowner, monthly costs continue to rise. In this economy, every one is looking for ways to save money and stretch every dollar. The government talks our limited resources, but all the focus seems to be on gas and oil. I don't know about you, but I could survive a day without driving my car, but I couldn't go a day without water. This particular customer took a standard track home and built a custom entryway where a front lawn used to be, saving hundreds of square footage that does not need to be watered, ultimately saving hundreds of gallons of water per year. Plus, they made their home look like a million dollar home! Water saving tips are everywhere and I feel it is our responsibility to conserve water and educate our youth about conserving one of the most precious resources the earth has to offer; water! Here are a few tips we can do to save water and lower our monthly bills. This particular customer to the right installed a front entry way and synthetic grass to take his water savings to the next level. Water Conservation Tips Install water-saving devices: You can save water by installing low-flow rate sprinkler nozzles. Install Low Flow Sprinkler Heads: Save 3-5 gallons! Install drip system in the planters instead of sprinklers: Save 3-5 gallons! Fix leaky faucets: Save up to 20 gallons/day! Install Synthetic Turf: Save 15 – 50 gallons per day! Install Pavers or Create a Dramatic Entryway: You can save as much as 20 gallons of water by creating a dramatic entryway. Set Water Sprinklers before 8 a.m.: You can save about 25 gallons each time you water, by watering before 8 a.m. – watering early reduces evaporation and puts that water to work helping your plants grow . For more water saving tips, ideas and other landscape and water saving ideas in San Diego, visit

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