Ingenious Ideias Showers Tubs

Whenever the time is right for you to remodel your bathroom, take the time to search out what will work in your room that will sooth your entire family. Whether you want a new tub that will massage your weary body at the end of each day, or a shower to wake you up in the early morning hours, you really can have both. Just pick and choose the one for an exact fit.

No longer do you have only two choices. In the past you either got a shower or a tub or a shower in a tub and that may not be what you want. Your best bet is to either go online or search for a site that has ingenious ideas for showers and tubs or find a local store to see which idea will work for you. Choose the one that fits the room and also your budget.

You’ll be amazed what they can do in small spaces or if you’re lucky and have a large bathroom where their ideas will bring that room into the future. Another idea if you feel inadequate when trying to enlarge the room would be to call a local contractor.

They will be able to tell you what is possible, and what would cost a great deal of money to move plumbing and electrical around as you remove walls to get the required space.

Whether you want an open shower with a glass door and a top that opens to a vaulted ceiling or possibly an under-mount tub with a side center mounted faucet that allows two bathers to sit comfortably.

Possibly you don’t want to replace your old cast iron tub from the 1950’s, and as you remodel the rest of the room, that tub sticks out like a sore thumb. Have it refinished and it will look even better than it did when it was new. Just be sure to find a professional that knows the ins and outs of the job, and make sure he has references.

Then there are well-ventilated showers that have a glass panel above the shower door that you can close for the steam, or open to let the steam escape.

The choices are endless and if you have an upstairs room that would be perfect for that soaking tub surrounded by windows that bring in the outdoors, consider that.

However if you’re like many who prefer privacy in the bathroom, that can be arranged as well. Consider the deck mounted jetted tub that has its own fireplace with the flip of a switch that keeps the space warm during that long soak.

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