Let the Sun be in Control of Your Power

Solar Panels almost sound futuristic, but solar panels are here to stay. They convert the power of the sun into electricity for us to use and control in our own homes or business. They are expensive, and that is their biggest problem, but in some instances the government offers rebates when we convert to power generated by the sun. No matter the cost some prefer to be self-sufficient and free from government control over their daily lives. One of the advantages of having solar panels will be you will not only have all the power you want, but in some instances you may be able to sell your power back to the electric company. Don’t ask how they do that, it takes smarter people than me to know the ins and outs of solar power. Does it mean that the utility companies will be sending me a check instead of a bill? Doubtful, they will only give you a credit to your account, but that is still better than a bill. Solar Panels sound great, and many companies now produce the panels for sale to the general public. Evidently they haven’t figured out how to use those same panels to make ours and when they do that, they will be more efficient. But for now it will take years for our Solar Panels to pay for themselves when you consider the cost from beginning to end. Nevertheless, we would still be in control of our power. Think of that, no more black outs, no power outages when our neighborhood goes dark. When the utility company turns off the power to save energy we can laugh at them because that is when they will be buying power from our unit. How long should the panels last and work to produce our electricity? Some are under warranty for twenty-five years. In other words, they will last a long time heating the water in your swimming pool, keeping our house lower than seventy degrees in the summer, and heating it so we never have to worry about our bill going up. With the new energy efficient electric cars, will our solar panels charge those so we will no longer need to charge them on the same utility bill as our home? That would be a good question for the sellers to answer, but if we can charge the cars in our garage at night, then it only stands to reason that our panels would charge them as well. If that is the case, the solar panels will pay for themselves much sooner than promised before. Click Here to Start Your Search for Pre-Screened & Approved San Diego Solar Specialists https://www.sdhomenet.com/San-Diego/san-diego-solar-power/

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