Light Switch Options

There has been a renaissance as of late with regards to light switches. No longer are homeowners or builders forced to choose from a short list of options as they now can select from switches with full range dimming, a delayed fading from on to off, and even dimmers that are capable of remembering presets. There are even those switches that automatically turn on lights where person enters a room and then turns off again when a room is empty. For those who fancy something a bit different or something of a more upscale nature there are even those light switches that can be controlled with a hand held device, infrared switches, and even wireless remote controls. All of these modern options not only allow for greater choice but customization and personalization as well. Many of the aforementioned lights which is also help save money on energy. As there are a large number of light switches available, homeowners looking to remodel their home or at least the lighting portion of their home should first speak with an electrician in order to determine what will work best for their home and their budget. For some homeowners a key activated light switch will work while others will require light switches that contain a photoelectric eye capable of sensing light in a room. Other individuals and their homes will require light switches that are paired up with receptacles and still some will want or need lights operated by a lever. Electricians will often recommend light switches with dimmers to those homeowners who regularly look to create moods or set a specific atmosphere within a room. Dimmer switches are available as dials, slides, switches, touch pads, and even buttons. Homeowners who are looking to install central lighting in their home will need a central lighting control station and the help of an experienced electrician to install it. Though these are more complicated lighting schemes they're extremely convenient as it allows an individual to operate lights throughout the entire house from one room. Turning on lights in the master bedroom, bathroom, or living room from one central location not only provides convenience but a feeling of safety as well. Many central lighting control stations also allow for programming so that lights come on and turn off at specific points of the day and/or night. Homeowners will however need to speak with an Orange County electrician to make sure that the switches are in question match up with the amp and voltage ratings for the circuits in question. Homeowners with aluminum wiring will also need an electrician to help them find out if the switches are designate CU-AL for compatibility. To start your search for a pre-screened San Diego Electrician go here:

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