Making the Garage Storage Area Work for You

Why should your garage storage area be any different than the rest of your home? Put those empty spaces to work, and you won’t be sorry. For one thing, you will be able to find anything, even tools, Christmas decorations, cleaning supplies, and anything else that you don’t have room for in your cramped house. Wire shelving work wonders, and the items on them will be visible, and yet out of the way, and off the floor. Remember you still have to park your car in there. If the eaves under the ceiling are open, they can still work for storage. Install wire shelving and you will be able to see the boxes that are stacked on them. Remember the area is not covered and it will get lots of dust everywhere. If you don’t want items to get dirty, then pack them away in plastic tubs. Then number the boxes, like this #1 #2, etc. Now get yourself some recipe cards and number them as well #1, #2, etc. Now everything you put in box #1 write down the item, and likewise in every other box. This way you don’t lose anything. You file the recipes in a recipe box, where else? Install cabinets on the walls for often used items. It will give your garage that clean and finished look that you want. There are plenty of cool options to trick out the garage in more ways than you thought imaginable. You can have the standard white cabinets; powder coated red or even stainless steel. Whatever the color combination, whatever the texture and look you're going for; it's available in the garage storage industry. The flooring in the garage is one not to be forgotten. It is a huge design element in how cool your garage will look. I've seen floors that are black and white checkered that makes you want to dance, to textured chip coating to concrete so smooth, you could practice for your next Curling event on…. Get hooks to hang bicycles on, or tools hung on the inside of a cabinet door. If you still want your garage to look as good as it feels you could always hang drywall on the sides and even the ceiling. Then you have a place to really hide all your stuff. Once your new garage is installed, you will be amazed at how everything fits and is out of the way. It will give you that clean and finished look that you were going for. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when you have the garage that every man desires! Don’t go it alone, there are professionals that can have your new garage installed in a day, giving you the weekend off. Plus, you’ll finally be able to park your car in your garage. Click Here to Start Your Search for pre-screened Garage Storage Specialist in San Diego.

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