Material Issue: Wood and Metal Gates

When you’re installing a gate, you may want it to match the rest of the fence. For instance, a picket fence would look best with a picket gate to match. However when you’re dealing with safety and security, you don’t want a picket fence. Something more secure would be advisable.

Nothing surpasses metal though, and an iron gate at the street protects the home from intruder’s right at the beginning of the driveway. Iron is expensive and many have turned to steel and aluminum gates not only for their price, but for the aesthetic beauty of the gate. They resist the weather, but the aluminum gate may lack in strength and that defeats their purpose.

Today steel is often painted black and sold as wrought iron, and the consumer must be wary if wrought iron is the choice. But there again, it is more expensive and the labor is intensive as well. Steel on the other hand can be molded and looks like old iron and many homeowners choose that look even though it isn’t as strong as iron.

Wooden fences are still popular depending on the grade of wood. Pine is lightweight and affordable, and will look good, but will need a regular paint job. Cedar is heavier and has natural weather resistance and bug repellant qualities. All wood fences need regular upkeep and painting to remain in good condition. The heavier the wood, the more costly the gate, and if you’re looking for privacy and security, the wood gate will fill the bill.

If you have a vinyl fence you’ll probably want a vinyl gate to match. They are functional and nice to look at, but carry little in the security department.

Another option in many areas, especially in the deserts of California is the chain link fence. Where wind plays a big part in choosing a fence and gate, the chain link fence is secure, but carries no aesthetic charm or privacy. However the chain line needs little upkeep and they come in sizes from three feet on up. The chain link fence also works well in keeping animals secured behind the fence.

When you search for the best fence for your area, look around at your neighbors. What types of fences do they have? If you like their fence and if they had it installed by a fence company, ask them the name of the company. It’s a good time to become familiar with your neighbors as you reach out to admire their fences.

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