New Shutters Plantation or Hurricane?

Your choice of new exterior shutters may depend wholly on where you live. Is your area subject to hurricanes on a regular basis? If not, you probably will never want hurricane shutters. However if your home sees a frequent amount of wind, then the hurricane shutters would be ideal.

Hurricane shutters need to be hardy, of a greater quality, and installed with great care. You won’t want the shutters torn off in a great wind, and you wouldn’t want to hear them slam against the house or window because they weren’t installed correctly.

In comparison plantation shutters are usually for looks, and they may be attached to the house permanently and are not made to be moved. However in warmer climates they may be the more popular kind. Some claim that they originated in Greece and were popular in the south on plantations, thus their name.

The weather may be your first consideration in choosing new shutters, but you also have additional choices. Do you want shutters that can be closed or opened? If your shutters are often closed, then you may want them to have adjustable slats. The advantage to those will be to slant them open to adjust the influx of sun into your rooms, or to close the louvers for complete privacy as well as security.

The width of the louvers may be another choice, and if you’re having them custom made, the choice will be yours. Color is still another choice. Do you want them to match the color scheme of your home, or do you want them to contrast?

What kind of material do you want? Wooden shutters are traditional, and they can be painted and repainted, and natural wood may need more upkeep. Vinyl shutters normally come in tones of white, and will need very little care. The weather does not have the same effect as with wooden shutters.

Another consideration you may have to make, will your old window frame be structurally strong enough to hold your new shutters or will you have to replace the framework of the window? A qualified carpenter can answer many questions regarding the installation, and will also be able to suggest the best material for your area.

Regardless which decisions you make, just insist on quality material, and when you hire a contractor, ask for referrals. Although most professionals will ask for a deposit, you should never pay them the entire amount until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

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