New Wood Shelves: Care, Installation, And Maintenance

Adding wood shelves to any room within a home can make space within a room, help individuals stay organized, showcase important belongings, and even add beauty and elegance to a room. Wood shelving carries with them so many benefits it's not difficult to understand why so many homeowners add these type of shelves to their home.

What many individuals often overlook however is the fact that wooden shelves, like any other item made from wood, will require constant care and upkeep. Wooden shelves that are left to the elements and neglected for long periods of time will not only become dirty but face a myriad of problems as well. Neglected wood shelves can rot, warp, peel, chip, and even break when they're not cared for properly and on a fairly consistent basis.

While many homeowners may not realize it, moisture can be detrimental to their wooden shelves. Wooden shelves exposed to high levels of moisture or even low levels of moisture for long periods of time can cause shelves to bow, crack, and rot away. In order to ensure that exposure to moisture is minimized, homeowners who want new shelves installed need to ensure that they are installed away from vents, constantly opened windows, bathrooms, and sometimes kitchens as well.

In sharp contrast to moisture, though just as problematic, is heat. Too much heat is always a problem for shelves made of wood. New wooden shelves should never be installed near radiators, modern heaters, or in areas that receive direct sunlight, nor near fireplaces. Wooden shelves that are exposed to a great deal of heat face the same problems as those exposed to constant moisture.

In addition to heat and moisture homeowners must also remember that once wooden shelves are installed they must be cleaned regularly with a slightly damp cloth and then dried immediately. It also behooves homeowners to place heavier objects on the sides of their wooden shelves rather than the middle in order to avoid bowing and cracking.

Homeowners who want to shelter their home but are apprehensive about selecting wood as their material of choice can always opt for some of the more expensive wood shelves out there. These types of shelves not only boast some fantastic designs, colors, and breeds of wood but are usually treated with protective chemicals and finishes as well. These types of shelves installed and cared for properly will last a homeowner years and even decades.

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