Options for Wood Fences

Many people love the look of wood and actually prefer a wood fence to surround a smaller area of their property. One used as a play area for children for instance that will give safety and privacy. Wood fencing comes in precut pieces that you can attach to the posts and cross rails of the fence. You must treat any part of the wood that touches the ground to prevent rot and/or insects.

The types of wood fencing depend a great deal on how much you want to spend. Pine is probably the cheapest and when weather treated would last a long time. You should weather seal any wood fence annually.

The options for wood fences vary greatly. Redwood is popular and may not be available in all areas. Cedar is another wood and contains oil that makes it resistant to rot and insects. You’ll find cedar in many outdoor articles. Spruce is another popular wood used in fencing and prefabricated picket and stockade sections. You can find many of these woods at your local hardware store.

Imported exotic tropical hardwoods are very expensive. They are very dense and last longer in outdoor settings without the necessity of the harsh chemicals that they use to treat pine.

Another option you may not be aware of is the grade of wood. They judge where the wood comes from within the tree itself. Heartwood grows deep within the tree with more strength and fewer knots. The outer area of the tree is sapwood and less expensive while heartwood is prime wood.

Regardless of the options and the choices you make while purchasing wood fencing you will need to weather seal the fence. If the wood absorbs water quickly, it will be ready to seal. If it doesn’t absorb water let it dry for several weeks before trying to seal it. Many wood fencing products have been pressure treated that will make the fencing last longer.

The wiser way to go as you study your options for your wood fence is to choose the better grades for the posts and rails and the lower costs for the fence panels. While building your wood fence, purchase a few extra panels so you can replace them as needed.

There is no prettier fence than the wood fence, and your options vary greatly. But when you take the time to treat the fence, replace the damaged panels and maintain the fence, the original beauty will shine through.

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