Organizing Closets: Ideas and Costs

Individuals and families who believe they've outgrown their home needn't start looking for a new residence right off the bat. Surprising to many people, organizing parts or all of a home can increase the amount of living space therein. Many homeowners find themselves aghast when they learn that even small organizing jobs within their homes can increase living space and allow for more storage as well.

Take the closets within a home for example. While many homeowners will initially dismiss closet organization as a means to increase living or storage space the truth of the matter is that organizing a closet can get rid of clutter and make room for new things that need to be put in storage which in turn can free up space in a living room, den, bedroom, and even a kitchen. While many homeowners may choose to tackle an organizing project on their own, working with a professional organizing contractor always produces an end result that is far more favorable than those that the do-it-yourselfers produce. Regardless of which path a homeowner chooses with regards to how to complete the job, there are several things they can do with the closets to ensure that their project isn't done in vain and that the and result is one that they can live with.

While many homeowners may simply organize a closet by folding the clothes and reducing a small amount of clutter that's not really going to make much difference or allow for more storage. When an organizing project is in the planning stages homeowners and the contractors they're working with should assess the closets in question and formulate a plan of action that sees old items thrown out or sold and useful items reorganized or moved to another area. Any plan that involves organizing a closet should include several different phases in order to maximize the space inside of a closet.

Long and short hanging refers to the length of the clothes within a closet and how much space they need to hang. The majority of homeowners usually have a fair amount of each type. Working with a contractor to separate the types of hanging not only frees up space and clutter but it gives individuals more efficient access to their clothing as well as their clothing accessories. Homeowner working with the contractor will need to spend some time assessing how much of each type of clothing they have and then begin working with closet space to figure out where each type of hanging will best suit the needs of the individual.

While the majority of people prefer to hang all of their clothing items up on hangers, a good deal of professional organizers recommend that persons with a tremendous amount of clothing hanging in their closets begin utilizing shelf space for their clothing instead. Many homeowners are surprised to learn and see just how efficient, tidy, and effective folding pants and shirts and then storing them on closet shelves can be. Not only will shelving clothes free up a ton of closet space but individuals can make different piles of different articles of clothing and even organize them or stack their piles so as to create weekly business and casual outfits.

Although many homeowners don't often give it much thought, baskets and drawers utilized in a closet can free up a ton of floor space. Things like shoes, onesies and twosies, and clothing accessories that wind up on the floor as a result of neglect or lack of space end up consuming a fair amount of any closet floor. The use of baskets and drawers eliminates this problem and allows individuals to organize the knickknacks and shoes found their closet floors giving them more efficient access to those things.

There are a lot of other ideas that homeowners and contractors may come up with when organizing a closet is the order of the day. Homeowners should also keep in mind however that closet organizing projects can range from the inexpensive to the very expensive. The cost of such a project usually boils down to a homeowners budget, need for space, and any items purchased to help organize a closet. Most organizing professionals however offer their services at very affordable rates and can help even those operating on very small budgets.

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