Outdoor Living Ideas

If you want your backyard filled with privacy and beauty, you’ll want it to be practical as well. If that’s the place where you’ll entertain in nice weather, a few simple tricks would help to keep it an extension of your home. If there is no slab or porch area, you will probably want it have a poured concrete slab. There are many materials you could use instead of the concrete such as pavers or simple bricks placed side by side. If the patio is above ground you could use treated redwood that would give the area a rich look. You would not want the wood to touch the ground because that would draw termites.


Once the floor is in place, do you want a cover to help shade the sun? You could have one built that would be rain resistant and would make the patio usable during inclement weather. There are also canvas covers that would just offer shade. A screened in area would keep the flying bugs out, and would give you a complete new room. But that takes away the ambiance of being outside on a nice cool evening.


Tables and chairs would be another addition that will be used often. There are chrome tables with or without glass tops, wooden tables and benches to serve more than a few guests. An umbrella type cover over the table would be nice in an area where there were no other coverings. 


A round grill would serve your purpose, but if you plan on cooking an entire meal on the patio, a pre-manufactured grill would be a nice addition. Many even build a complete kitchen with small size refrigerators, countertops and sinks waiting for that anxious cook.


Potted plants could complete the area bringing more privacy and beauty. You don’t have to keep the area for guests only. Include your family in the new setting as you find a new infinity with them. Games or painting could be another use especially during the holidays it could be the place to decorate with lighting and decorations to complete your outdoor patio. 


The ideas are boundless, and you could put your own personality into the area. You could choose to make it a tropical oasis or a jungle of cactus and other native plants. As you use the added space, find new ways to enjoy it. It wouldn’t take a lot of time to prepare the special place for birthday parties for the kids. 


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