Pergo Flooring

Pergo Flooring is a decorative laminate that has been used in countertops, paneling, and other intricate projects. Pergo was introduced in Sweden in the 80’s and gained in popularity all across Europe. Pergo Flooring came to the US in 1994 where it became the leading supplier. Pergo was out front in research and it paid off. It wasn’t long before Pergo Flooring made its way into kitchens because it proved to be more than 20 times stronger than the original laminate.

As you search for flooring, you’ll find that you’ll have endless options in Pergo Flooring including a number of wood appearances that will match your other décor. Price varies and the more pricey options you choose will cause the price to rise. However the price is still lower than many exotic wood installations.

Of course there is no such thing as an indestructible floor and you must be cautious when you move heavy objects across Pergo Flooring. Felt protectors work well when it becomes necessary to move appliances or furniture across it. When you install Pergo Flooring near entrances, they advise you to use mats, rugs or other floor coverings to reduce the risk of tracking in gravel that will scratch your floor.

You can easily accomplish general maintenance by using dust mops or hard surface attachments on your vacuum cleaners. You’ll never want to wax or refinish it, and if the floor gets damaged, a Pergo endorsed installer will be able to replace the individual planks or tiles.

You’ll find numerous tile and planking options and many customers with basic do-it-yourself skills can install their own flooring. The tongue and groove method of installation makes Pergo Flooring easier to install and that will reduce the cost significantly. However the edges, end moldings, and sawing takes more skill and you may need to hire a professional to complete the job.

Pergo Flooring provides installation training to service professionals specifically for their flooring. The pieces fit together similar to paneling and fencing installation and is not difficult to learn the technique.

The Pergo Flooring Company warranties their product, and sometimes when a DIY improperly installs the flooring, the warranties are affected. To be sure your floor has been installed correctly hire a Pergo Endorsed Installer and you will be guaranteed a flawless beautiful installation. An extended service warranty for your Pergo Flooring is also available that will add risk-free years to your Pergo Flooring.

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