Preparing Your Guest Room for Guests

Whenever you find that guests are coming, whether it’s in one day or two months, time will be the ultimate decision maker. When you have only a few hours to prepare, do the essentials, and leave the heavy stuff for later when time allows it.

The very first thing you’ll want to do to a room that has been closed for months or even years, is to open the windows and doors. No matter the weather. Air it out. However if that is not an option, at the very least buy and use an air freshener. Take the bedspread, pillows and blankets and air them out as well, preferably outside.

Wash everything that’s washable, and allow the time necessary for drying. If the last person to live in the room is your college student; remove all posters, unsuitable pictures and other paraphernalia suitable for a teenager, but not your guests. Then take a broom, vacuum cleaner and duster into the room and clean it from top to bottom. Look for spider webs and dust on pictures and mirrors and don’t forget to clean under the bed.

Clean the mirrors and windows with a window cleaner, and shine to bring them to a luster. If no mirror is in the room, provide either a full-length mirror or a hand held mirror. Clean out the closet and at least a couple of drawers. Your guests will have luggage, and clothes that need hanging so make sure there are hangers available.

If they’re staying for any length of time, they will need empty drawers as well. Don’t neglect the bathroom they will use. They need nice clean towels and wash cloths available only to them. Many guests bring their own personal items, but it would be helpful if you have available a few items such as a new toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion.

A lock on the door would also be nice and would make the person feel safe.

If your situation doesn’t meet any of those needs, consider packing in boxes those items not necessary for their visit. Store them in other areas in your home or in attics, basements, or garages.

You may not want them to be too comfortable, but if you want your guest to be happy and content in the room you provide, sleep in the room. You’ll see what your guest sees. Some prefer to give their guests their own room. Then no one sleeps because you and your guests are all in a strange bed.

Most importantly provide a nice quiet place for your guest and show that you made the necessary preparations for their visit.

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