Properly Fence Your Pool

pool-image-2Drowning is a preventable death, and it is the second cause of death for young children under the age of five. Anyone who has a pool that is accessible to children needs to take a few simple precautions and a fence is almost the first in line.

The fence needs to be at least 4 feet high and about 2 inches from the ground. Vertical slats should be less than 4 inches apart so children can’t climb over, under or squeeze between them. There should be no hand or footholds on the outside where a child could climb over the fence. Install a lock on the inside of the gate about 3 inches from the top so little fingers can’t reach them, and the gate needs to swing out from the pool. Many small children watch their parents and learn how to get into the pool.

The homeowner should install some type of warning signals when children open a door or someone goes into the pool area. They shouldn’t rely on only one barrier and the more barriers available to prevent a child from entering the pool area unassisted would be well worth the effort. Sometimes a locked door is all that’s needed, but they’re all worth the cost to save a life. 

When homeowners don’t want permanent barriers, they need to install removable pool barriers when grandchildren, family members, or friends come to visit. Like we said before, drowning is a preventable death, and it is also a silent one. Most deaths happen in family pools when the parents or caregivers are home and the child sneaks silently out into the pool area, possibly just to retrieve a ball. There are also power safety covers with the controls far out of their reach.

If a neighboring child enters a back yard and falls into the pool, remember the homeowner is at fault for not keeping the area safe. Even when the locks are in place and a child climbs over the fence. They shouldn’t rely on only one barrier,

pool-image-1When you’re in doubt about the pool area in your yard contact the Consumer Products Safety Commission, the Building Officials and Code Administrators (BOCA) National Building Code, they have standards that are easy to follow and would take only a few minutes of your time to investigate.

When you’ve taken care of all of the safety measures, there is one thing that will always help the child. Teach them to swim and how to get out of the pool and that is first in the line of safety features.

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