Radiant Floor Heat

Radiant floor heat has been around for a while, yet many have never heard of it. Our first inclination is to simply explain the system and how it works.

Radiant floor heating systems heat a living space from the ground up. They achieve this by either electric or hydronic heating systems that they incorporate in a concrete slab or they install them dry beneath your flooring.

The electric radiant floor is normally installed during the original construction of a home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t install them elsewhere. Electrical heating strips or mats are laid in patterns across the floor and are embedded in a thin layer of concrete. These strips or mats heat the concrete that will then radiate heat into the living area, and is the most comfortable heating system available.

The hydronic radiant heating systems are more efficient than the electrical ones. They install them at the time of new construction, in any type of concrete whether thick or thin. A thicker slab absorbs more heat and is rarely affected by open doors from the outside. Hot water is pumped through a series of pipes that are laid underneath the floor.

The difference between dry and wet radiant floor heat systems is simple, but strategic. They install the wet radiant floor heat systems at the time of new construction. While wet radiant floor heat systems you may not be able to install more concrete, but you will be able to use the dry radiant systems. They can be installed anywhere under any flooring system.

When you add solar to your radiant floor heat you eliminate the need to add a fuel based heating system and the radiant floor heat rises to provide comfort to every member of your family. The systems don’t spread dust or allergens, they don’t dry the air, they don’t lose heat like their alternatives.

If you’re still in doubt, and are considering the radiant floor heat system, check with a contractor that specializes in the installation of radiant floor heat. Whether you’re building a new home or installing them in your pre-existing structure, the contractor will be able to answer all of your questions and tell you if the systems are an attractive substitute for your existing heating methods.

It’s a fact! Radiant floor heating systems compared with other heating options including gas furnaces, boilers, electric baseboard or even wood stoves, they provide the most consistent comfortable heating solutions. You’ll set your thermostat much lower because the heat starts below the floor and heats appropriately.

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