Refinishing And Refurbishing Furniture

It can be difficult for homeowners to maintain a home that looks fresh, clean, and like new. In order to keep a home in pristine condition every so often homeowners must engage in some type of home improvement project. The most common among these types of projects are new paint, new flooring and new furniture.

While some home improvement projects are inexpensive, replacing furniture, in sharp contrast, is a far more financially demanding project. A homes furniture must not only endure everyday use but must stand up things like dust, dirt, moisture, and of course sunlight. All of these things combined can quickly take their toll on even the most upscale of furniture. Once the elements and frequent usage have taken their toll on furniture and homes furniture can actually begin to make a home look dull and even unkempt in some circumstances.

Homeowners needn't worry however as worn furniture doesn't always have to be replaced. Furniture can actually be refinished and refurbished which usually costs far less than the price of new furniture. Many homeowners in recent years have begun to appreciate furniture refinishing and refurbishing services. This is especially true of homeowners who own furniture made of wood and fabrics that were once bright.

Furniture refinishing usually starts with repairs. Loose or peeling parts can be re-glued and cracked parts can be replaced and even filled in, in some cases. Furniture is then stripped of its old paint and/or stain, bleached, and then repainted or stained to give furniture a brand-new look. Heavily damaged furniture can also be sanded down repeatedly in order to restore its original even texture. Once all repairs have been completed professionals often add some type of protective finish to it so that will last even longer than it did the first time.

When it comes refurbishing furniture professionals take a different approach. Many times worn-out furniture doesn't need to be completely stripped and refinished which means it can undergo refurbishing instead of refinishing. Professionals will thoroughly clean furniture to remove built-up dirt, wax, and other debris first. If the original finish remains intact a professional will likely do some light sanding and/or a touch of staining that matches the original finish on your furniture. Moreover they will also add a final coat of varnish or protective finish just as they would during the refinishing process in order to protect their work.

Many homeowners often wonder what type of furniture can be refurbished and refinished. There are professional contractors out there that do both and can handle just about any type of furniture you bring to them. Especially popular amongst homeowners in antique furniture. Many times rather than having a professional refinish or refurbish the furniture in their home they'll pull old furniture out of storage and have that touched up instead.

A good professional can refinish or refurbish furniture so as to surpass the look a home owner had in their home even when the furniture in question was new. Furniture experts can be found online and the majority are extremely affordable. Homeowners would do well however to remember that you get what you pay for and it's not always a good idea to try and do a home improvement project on the cheap.

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