Slate Roofing Tiles

The roof on a home is one of the most important aspects of any particular dwelling. A strong and sturdy roof means that a home will be protected from not only weather but pests as well. In order for a roof to remain strong and sturdy for years and even decades at a time, homeowners and new construction contractors must utilize strong roofing materials.

One of the strongest and most reliable types of roofing materials is slate. Among contractors and builders slate has a reputation as being the highest quality material one can use on a roof. On the other hand however amongst homeowners, slate is often viewed as expensive, difficult to install, and extremely fragile. Many homeowners however will select slate tile roofing simply because of its natural beauty, overlooking the cost and some of the issues that come with it. No other type of roofing tiles are as classy as slate nor do any other materials give homeowners and builders the number of choices that slate does. Slate tiling is available in a myriad of different colors, thicknesses, and even sizes and shapes.

With regards to its longevity, slate is well known to hold up and remain reliable for up to a century at a time. In fact some of the more upscale slate tiles may last as long as 150 years when properly cared for. Other types of roofing tiles often lose functionality immediately and need to be replaced just one or two decades after being installed.

When it comes to safety, no other type of roofing tile offers the type of fire resistance that slate does. It has been said that Slate is one of the most if not the most fire resistant roofing that exists. They are 100% fireproof 100% of the time. These types of roofing tiles can come in handy when a homeowner wishes to prevent fires caused by airborne sparks that come from things like wildfires, houses next door that are on fire, and even rogue fireworks.

Homeowners who want to “go green” can take comfort in knowing that slate roofing tiles are among some of the most environmentally friendly that can be purchased. As slate roofing tiles last for so long there is little need to discard them leaving more room for other items in landfills everywhere.

The only real drawback in utilizing slate tiles for a roof is their fragility. Installing tiles on the roof isn't a job any homeowner should try to undertake themselves even when they're using less expensive and more durable tiling. Safety issues aside this is especially true for homeowners using slate tiling. Slate tiling chips and breaks very easily and because it isn't cheap homeowners will want an experienced professional handling their slate tiling so as to avoid reproducing costs.

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