Small Bathroom Projects: Tubs And Toilets

There are numerous ways to improve a bathroom. Some are inexpensive while others are very expensive. Homeowners who find themselves in need of an overhaul in a particular bathroom but remain unable to afford such a project can, as an alternative, choose to upgrade or replace one item in their bathroom at a time.

For the many individuals who find themselves in such a scenario there are only two choices, the bathtub/shower or the toilet. These two choices remain the most popular amongst individuals in this scenario not only because they are affordable replacements/upgrades but because these are two of the most frequently used items in any bathroom. Furthermore they are the two items in a bathroom that draw immediate attention to themselves.

Individuals who opt to upgrade or replace their shower/bathtub have a multitude of choices to consider. There is of course the standard fiberglass and metal bathtub and/or shower to choose from, though many people prefer to put something new into their shower space when upgrading their shower/tub. Tubs and showers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. There are even those showers and tubs that come complete with built-in lighting and the ability to make bubbles. Those who opt for a new shower will have nearly just as many choices as those that opt for tubs do. Showers like tubs are available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Homeowners with more fastidious tastes in bathroom decor may select an old-fashioned bathtub. Going this route however may require the assistance of a professional contractor in order to make sure that these heavy tubs/showers are too much for existing flooring.

Homeowners who replace toilets have a plethora of choices as well. Colors, materials, styles, and architecture are all things that must be settled upon before a purchase takes place. There are of course bidet toilets for those homeowners who want a little European flair in a bathroom. There also decorative toilets that boasts some unique designs and add plenty of warmth to a bathroom.

Although homeowners who can only afford to replace one or two items in a bathroom at any given time are likely operating on small budgets, these people would do well to remember that they will want to spend as much as possible so as to ensure that there project produces the results that they envisioned. A professional contractor can certainly help with design and style choices but can also help homeowners make selections that work with their budget.

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