Solar Power, The Natural Energy

Surprise! Surprise! Solar power is the hottest thing on earth…. No pun intended. Solar power comes from the sun and the sun is free, at least for now. Drive by any street in Southern California and you will see solar panels popping up all over the block. Every community center, community pool and even the street lights are now powered by Solar. We are so accustomed to just flipping a switch to turn on a light, or power other electrical appliances, that we rarely consider where the power is coming from. That is until we get the utility bill. Wouldn’t you like to be free of the utility companies? A solar panel is basically a series of solar cells, which is a semiconductor that is capable of converting sunlight or (solar energy) into electricity or (solar power). Many solar cells are assembled and connected in a series or parallel to make a solar panel. Similar to hanging Christmas lights… One connected to the next and then to the next and so on…. Electricity is produced and that electricity is sent to an inverter, where the direct current (DC) power created within the solar panels is converted into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used in the home. Solar power has a range of benefits and savings. It is a clean and renewable energy source and by using it, we conserve fossil fuels such as coal & oil and helps protect the Earth by generating cleaner power, with greatly reduced pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Once it is installed, the operating costs of solar power are very low. Many home owners are lowering their monthly bills to under $100.00 the cost of the loan for the solar equipment and the electricity is basically free! The best part is, with no fuel requirements or moving parts there, are few maintenance needs. Endless energy Conventional energy sources come from finite fuels, which there is a limited supply, while solar energy will last as long as there is sunlight. The energy potential of the sun is truly inexhaustible. In just one hour, the sun radiates more energy onto the earth than is needed by the world’s entire population for an entire year. Solar power is in its infancy compared to the standard electricity and the more we continue to use solar power, the better and more efficient it will become. Solar power has very little impact on the earth’s environment. It has no emissions and no moving parts. It is silent and odorless. With virtually no impact on the environment, solar energy systems can easily be integrated into densely populated areas. Solar energy also has the advantage that it can be installed on most existing buildings. To date, the panels installed worldwide will offset more than 14 million metric tons of CO2 during their lifetimes, which is the equivalent of planting more than five million acres of trees. Even though alternative energy sources cannot meet all of our energy needs at this point in time, we are committed to their continual development so that one day they will. Today everyone is talking about renewable resources. In San Diego Ca, Solar Power Companies are busier than ever installing new solar panels. If you want more information about pre-screened and fully insured Solar panel companies in San Diego. Visit Just think, you can heat your own water, use all the electricity you want or need, and keep those appliances running without worrying about your electric bill. What could be better than that?

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