Two Types of Solar Power in San Diego

Surprise! Surprise! Solar power comes from the sun. We are so accustomed to just flipping a switch to turn on a light, or power other electrical appliances that we rarely consider where the power is coming from. That is until we get the utility bill. Wouldn’t you like to be free of the utility companies? 


Then when a car hits a utility pole or rain and high winds knock out your power and everyone else in your neighborhood, you will be asking the question is there an-other way.


There are two types of solar power. Passive power is when you use every means possible to create the natural power for your homes. For instance when you use sun-light to dry your clothes, and open windows to cool and light your house in the daytime, and close them at night for warmth, privacy and protection. They didn’t have electric lights, or even security. They protected themselves using bows and arrows, knives, swords and guns. People used passive power for thousands of years before active power was invented. There were no electric lights; they used candles or gas lamps. They spent their entire lives protecting and caring for their families, and searching for or growing their food. They didn’t know any other way to survive, so they used the sun to their advantage.


Today homes using active power use other sources for electricity. Because of that we have free time to do other things besides what our ancestors had to do to sur-vive.


Solar power uses the sun as well, and they also use pumps, blowers, and special boxes to deliver electricity to your home. The boxes are situated on the outside and are made of a dark metal that attracts the sun. The water or air that is carried in the pipes and ductwork is heated by this box that captures the sunlight. The heated air and water is then carried into your home.


Today everyone is talking about renewable resources. They tell us we are run-ning out of resources you know like oil and coal. They tell us we need to find other means to keep us in the lifestyle that we desire. Renewable resources consist of solar, wind, biomass, hydrogen, geothermal and hydropower.


Most of those resources need your utility companies. San Diego Solar Panels release you from those companies, and give you the electrical power to have your own source right on your own property. Just think, you can heat your own water, use all the electricity you want or need, and keep those appliances running. What could be better than that?

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