Solutions for Small Kitchens

When your goal is to have a small kitchen free of clutter you will find that the solutions are easily obtained and much cheaper than having a complete kitchen overhaul. There are many things you can do to increase your working space.

If you have an unusable corner cabinet in your kitchen, you know that you can’t reach anything in that far corner. There are now corner rollouts or a lazy susan made specifically for the corner. You’ll find that cabinet to be one of your favorites. For a deep cabinet possibly beneath the stove or stovetop that is a good place to store your mixer, toaster, or pots and pans.

When you replace the double sink in your kitchen, consider one large sink, or even one large and one small. Install a new faucet with a pullout sprayer and that will give your kitchen an entirely new look. Keep going and have a roll-out installed under the sink that sits right on the floor, and that back area is good for soap, bleach, window cleaner and other cleaning products. A tilt tray right in front of your sink can provide a place for small scrapers, sponges and brushes.

If your microwave sits on the counter, consider buying one that will hang above your stove that will have a fan to remove steam from the room. That countertop space is now available as a place to prepare dinner. If there are cabinets above the now hanging micro, put items that you rarely use there.

Drawer space is another fixable place that can give you additional space if you use it wisely. There are drawer guides to keep your utensils organized. Place items that you don’t use regularly in the back of the guide. Put recipes or notes under the guide, but don’t stack bills there.

Consider pull down shelves that attach under your kitchen cabinets. They have them specially made for cookbooks or other items.

Some companies will replace your drawers, cabinet doors, and rollouts. They call that re-facing and will give your kitchen an entirely new look. They aren’t that expensive when you consider the price of a totally new kitchen. You can add new knobs or leave the knobs completely off.

Businesses are hungry today and many have gone out of business because of our economy. Go online and find a local company that can help you as you hunt for solutions for your small kitchen. They will come to your home and tell you exactly how much it will cost. It’s hard to begin, but when your kitchen is completed you’ll shine in your new kitchen.

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