Tankless Water Heaters Genereate Savins

Traditional water heaters have many faults and when your bathroom is far away from the water heater, the faults increase. When you have to let your hot water run in order for it to get hot, you’re wasting water. When you take a shower and enjoy the warm water hitting your back and suddenly it turns either very hot or very cold, it means that someone else is using water. Then possibly you take your shower last and there’s enough hot water to get soaped down, and suddenly it’s cold.

If you’ve faced all of those problems and more, you should look into a Tankless Water Heater, and like we said, it can generate savings. This is possible because your water heater stores the hot water in the entire tank, not just what you’re using. It stores it whether it’s used or not. Whether you’re home or not, that water stays at the temperature you set as it cycles on and off.

A tankless water heater will save up to 20% to 50% on your energy bills. You’ll save space as well because they’re small and out of the way. Most come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t expect your current water heater to do that because they don’t last that long, and the longer they’re guaranteed, the longer they last, and the more they cost. So buy a cheap one and it may be guaranteed for one year.

The electric tankless water heaters do not leak because the water is not stored in them. They are typically hung at the side of the house, and the temperature is preset. When you turn on your hot water, the water passes through it and is instantly heated. No more waiting for the water to travel to the far end of the house. The unit is activated strictly by the flow of water.

If you’re still undecided and want to learn more, call a contractor who specializes in the installation and service of tankless water heaters and exactly how it will save money on your energy bills.

If your current water heater is run by gas, your new tankless water heater will run by electricity and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your water and gas bills. They last longer because they only run when you turn on the faucet. Compare that with your existing water heater, gas or electric. They run all the time.

Once you know how they work you won’t waste time in ordering one to be installed in your home.

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