The Country Decor Umbrella

When the homeowner decides that the interior of their home needs to undergo a transformation there are a number of different styles to choose from. Homeowners can opt for neo-modern decor, contemporary decor, and even retro decor. In addition to these styles homeowners can also select from country decor. When remodeling the interior of a home country decor is often selected because of the moods and atmospheres it helps to create within a home. In many cases homeowners select a country theme simply because it gives their home a relaxing and homey feel.

Many homeowners are surprised to find that when they select a country theme for their soon to be remodeled interior that there are a number of options under the country umbrella. The first on the list and perhaps most popular is the rustic country look. Rustic home decor is mainly dominated by wood and stone installations. Moreover the rustic country look is much more down-to-earth than the other types under the umbrella. Color schemes are often very subtle yet colorful and rustic country furniture can really make a home look and feel as though it's a cabin in the mountains.

Homeowners who like that country look and feel but don't want to give up on contemporary features can select contemporary country decor for their home. While this might initially sounds like a clash of styles the two styles mesh well and are strengthened by creative lighting. Overhead lighting fixtures and lamps are often used in conjunction with decorative wood backings on walls. Additionally wrought-iron may be used by some decorators and by some homeowners in order to accent and offset the wood in their new interior. Contemporary country decor gives homeowners the best of both worlds.

Homeowners who want something a bit different when selecting country decor for their new interior often opt for primitive country decor. This type of decor emphasizes the worn look of country decorating and incorporates intentionally distressed materials. Utilizing these things often gives homes a sort of timeless quality and an exotic look. Primitive country decor often costs much more than the two aforementioned types however should a homeowner be able to afford this type of decor, their home will benefit from it greatly.

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