The Many Faces of Peat

If you’ve used Peat Moss in your gardening chores, you may be unaware of the many uses of peat. Peat moss is cultivated and harvested to produce highly efficient and environmentally friendly substances. However, it was used in the past to treat wounds in hospitals, whether they still use that method is debatable.

Today it acts as a filter in a relative new way – in septic systems. In the same way it is used to perfect landscaping, it works as a filter in the sewage system, and will need to be replaced every six years or so.

Such diverse uses, and still the top seller, peat moss, prepares the soil for planting everything from grass, vegetable gardens, trees, flowers and shrubs.

They use it primarily as a soil additive and it takes sand and turns it into productive healthy soil. A natural organic additive it will make the roots stronger and produce the desired effect on the final product.

When your landscaper tills it into the top inches of existing soil, the soil is transformed into productive, healthy soil. Regardless where you live, peat moss will improve your entire landscaped property.

Peat moss holds at least 20 times its weight in moisture and will cut down the amount of water needed. Because of its absorbency it will prevent nutrients and fertilizers from leaching out of your soil. It also breaks down slowly over several years, and works better than even the homegrown compost that you should replace yearly.

The do-it-yourselfer has devised other useful tricks with peat moss. He uses it in his workshop or garage to absorb grease, oil or other spills.

No matter how sub-standard the soil in your yard has become, peat moss will bring your shrubs and flowers to life. When first planting a lawn, mix the peat moss with the soil, and it won’t burn or discourage growth like many fertilizers do.

When you want to bring your yard up to high standards, and don’t know where to start, look online to find several local landscaping companies. Ask for references and see exactly what they have done for others. Then ask the landscaper to help you as you renovate your yard into one that your neighbors will want to emulate.

Be sure the landscaper uses plenty of peat moss before planting anything new in your yard. He may also want to add peat moss to your existing plants so they will retain water without any waste. He should have the final choice on this.

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