The New Family Tree: Grow Roots and Let Your House Blossom

If you’re one of those who listens to the media as it spews out gloom and doom with no good outlook for the future of our country, especially in the housing industry; you might want to take another look. Those advising homeowners to listen to their financial advisor will get better advice than they do from their real estate agent.

As you send your monthly check into your mortgage company, you’ve never been late or missed a payment and are nowhere near foreclosure; you are probably one of the lucky ones. Those who believe in luck will be the losers in this economy because it takes more than luck to stay above the proverbial bottom line, whether you’re in business or work for a successful business.

What lies ahead for those whose families are growing and need more space in their homes? Especially those families from the baby boomer era whose children are looking forward to attending college in the future, with hope or dread. So where do we go from here? Decisions need to be made, and no one wants to move to another area, but to remain means there is not enough space for your children to grow.

The decision is easy if you consider remodeling instead of moving. One example of a city in California where small two and three bedroom homes, with one bath were purchased remodeled and now are valued upward of a million dollars each; what the owners of those homes have done to create a new environment for their families.

Streets where those smaller homes that were built for the young family now have two stories and homes that stretch across the small lots, and the area has done nothing but increase in value. You don’t see foreclosures and the homes are well cared for with futuristic colors dotting the landscape. Even that city is probably in a mess like the rest of California, but as you drive through the older neighborhoods, you admire the progress the private owners have made.

So remodeling basements, attics and home additions are prevalent today and the reason is that people are reluctant to change their status into something unknown. It can be a simple thing to call more than one contractor and get a bid to upgrade your own home. If you start with the kitchen remodeling, then move to the baths, and then add another bedroom and/or bath to the back of your home, you’ll soon have the problem of crowding solved. 

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